Summer Stay at home curvy fashions

Summer Stay at home curvy fashions

Summer Stay at home curvy fashions

Spending more time at home is helping re-inventing the way plus size vixens look at fashion

 Spending more time at home is helping re-invent the way plus size vixens look at fashion. Surviving stay at home orders during Covid-19 is the newest thing inspiring all the latest fashion trends. 

Staying at home means multitasking to maintain home life while still working.  That means we are still interacting with colleagues, and clients and need to be productive. Not to mention handling family affairs at the same time upholding some level of professionalism conducting business.

It's not just your professional look, but your brand as well. Hopping on calls looking like a mess with friends, family, colleagues, clients, or whoever is on the other end of that call is not going to hold anyone who takes you seriously. You don't want to lose credibility from the first moment your image appears on the screen. Instead, you want to look like you care about the communication and the people on the call.

It's important to feel confident and focused when working from home as well. Up keeping your fashion sense with trendy affordable comfortable plus size clothing can help maintain your mental wellness. We are not suggesting you sit at your computer in a suit and tie, uncomfortable formal clothing or even jeans. We are saying that you get out of your pyjamas, sweats and old clothing and regain some type of normal by caring about your appearance.

Here are a few ideas to help you get inspired about your work from home attire. Let's focus on the top half as that is what is front and centre.

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