Wearing Garden Floral For Summer Wedding Season

Wearing Garden Floral For Summer Wedding Season

Wearing Garden Floral For Summer Wedding Season

How to Choose the Right Floral Print for You

 Its that time of the year again! When expressing love is in full blossom! Summer wedding season is here. We believe it’s a festive, and joyous special event for all with an invitation or involved with the planning. However, there is one problem with what to wear on this special occasion.

At www@voluptuousinc.com  wear making it easier for you. This summer we are introducing floral garden patterns for our party summer plus size dresses. We are introducing significant pretty floral designs for the fashionista most interested in making a fashion statement. Try large floral prints on beautiful light colours on our cocktail dresses for creating voluminous shapes. Try smaller prints for making body shapes appear curvier.

Florals, more than any other print, come in a wide variety. Voluptuous clothing plus size summer dresses are available in standard patterns, and fashionable designer floral prints. We have included in our collection, bright multicoloured, and soft monochromatic prints. Also, there are large and bold; there are lesser and itty-bitty elaborate arrangements. 

For vacation and destination weddings, there is  Hawaiian and English Country Garden for local wedding locations.   We enjoyed shopping this collection; we had so many choices to choose in our inventory!  Our favourite, smaller florals and softer more natural florals, because it fits nicely into the feminine personality dressing style. These prints say summer and very pretty for onlookers to admire your style, and have a more delicate presence – It’s the best Fashionable choice for plus size women. Feeling a touch overwhelmed by all the choices Voluptuous has made it simple by providing and finding the right plus size summer dresses for your next special occasion.


Here are some things to consider when you are choosing the perfect summer plus size formal dress for you?  We're  breaking it down to a smooth formula to make it easier to decide:

  1. What's Your Personality: what florals appeal to you visually?  Don’t choose a print you don’t love the look of (no matter how it may fit your other style rules).

  2. Size Of Print: choose a print that relates to your own overall curvy body scale and features more abundant flowers even if you have a medium scale body then a more substantial scale print can work for you. Otherwise, stick with medium to smaller scale prints so you’re not overwhelmed by it – unless of course you are Dramatic and colourful in your personality style and love to break fashion rules and you can carry it off, as it suits who you are.

  3. Contrast: choose a print with good contrast – remember how you can manipulate a high-value contrast print so it doesn’t look such a huge difference (and do pick it in a value that relates to your ideal amount too).  And you can wear a high colour contrast print even if you’re not into high colour contrast, just by wearing it on the lower half of your body.

  4. The Density of Print: If you’re naturally curvy, then you can go for a more sparse print, but if you want to use your floral print to camouflage, then go for a more dense pattern.

  5. Colour Choices: And of course, the colours in print relate to your natural colouring – no point in picking a pattern that is more than 10% the wrong undertone. Plus ideally, you want the background (negative space) and print to be in a value that relates to your ideal amount (something similar to the depth of your hair colour).

  6. Consider Your Age: Do you want to look sophisticated and modern?  Then choose a more stylized print as you advance through the years, even a bolder print exudes more confidence too.

  7. Style of Garment: Yes, there is one last thing to think about – what kind of style of dress is your floral print on, maxi, pencil, flare or cocktail dress?  How does the fabric move?  On a more fitted top, then a smaller, more dense print is required, but on a floaty kimono-style garment a more sparse print and larger scale can work just as well. Are you wearing the print on a body part, you want to camouflage?  Go more dense, happy to have the body area a focal point?  Go more sparse.

Finally, we hope you enjoy our new arrivals of plus size summer floral dresses for next summer wedding.

Xoxo Angela Samuels

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