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Tie Side Slit Hem Solid Dress

$105.00 CAD

Tie Side Slit Hem Solid Dress is the perfect special occasion outfit. Look exquisite and fashionable at your next dressy social event. Feel amazing in our designer inspired affordable elegant dress. celebrate in style in a dress that's perfect for your curvy body. Our plus size dress features beautiful exquisite trims, in order to stand out at the next special occasion. Wear our amazing dress to formal parties, weddings, bridal and baby showers. Also appropriate for religious events and anniversary parties. 

Color: Pastel Green

Material: 100% Polyester

Suggested washing instructions include hand washing and hang to dry or dry clean.

Size Chart

  • Shoulder: 0XL: 41.5 cm, 1XL: 43 cm, 2XL: 44.5 cm, 3XL: 46 cm, 4XL: 47.5 cm
  • Bust: 0XL: 110 cm, 1XL: 116 cm, 2XL: 122 cm, 3XL: 128 cm, 4XL: 134 cm
  • Waist: 0XL: 90 cm, 1XL: 96 cm, 2XL: 102 cm, 3XL: 108 cm, 4XL: 114 cm
  • Hip: 0XL: 114 cm, 1XL: 120 cm, 2XL: 126 cm, 3XL: 132 cm, 4XL: 138 cm
  • Length: 0XL: 101 cm, 1XL: 103 cm, 2XL: 105 cm, 3XL: 107 cm, 4XL: 109 cm
  • Sleeve Length: 0XL: 43.3 cm, 1XL: 44.5 cm, 2XL: 45.7 cm, 3XL: 46.9 cm, 4XL: 48.1 cm
  • Cuff: 0XL: 30 cm, 1XL: 32 cm, 2XL: 34 cm, 3XL: 36 cm, 4XL: 38 cm