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About Our CEO

About Our Ceo

CEO and Founder Angela Samuels Knowing it would be difficult to put a dent into the fashion world, which is consistently dominated by retailers catering to women traditional-sized 0-10. Although the challenge seems large enough to engulf any new plus size focus business, Angela, a former full-figured model for designers such as Brian Bailey and retailers including Sears, Wal-Mart and Zellers already knew from firsthand experience on the runway and in photo shoots how uninspiring, conservative and unflattering plus-sized apparel can be. As a child and youth care worker with experience counselling young offenders, she also fully understood the serious consequences of a negative body image.

Angela began Voluptuous Clothing as an initiative to empower young women through vibrant, flattering and stylish clothing. Angela hired her mother Cynthia Rowe together they took on the task of changing the views of plus-sized women. Today, as a result of her hard work, determination and the strong support of her family-run executive team, Voluptuous Clothing is a powerful retail phenomenon with a loyal customer base and continuously increasing sales. Thanks to Voluptuous women are now embracing their curves and wearing clothing that flatters them. Voluptuous is a refreshingly exclusive option for the full-figured woman. Voluptuous has tripled in sales over the past several years.

Voluptuous has become a need in the fashion marketplace. While the fashion plus size clothing arena is saturated with clothes that are bland, conservative and unflattering, Voluptuous excels in giving women what they want; in style, bold and sexy fashions. While marketed toward young and youthful women, most clothing in the plus-sized market is actually better suited to women in their 60s. By continuing to cater to the shrinking size 3 demographic, the fashion industry has not kept pace with the evolving female form. Health Canada reports that over 75% of our population is considered overweight, with a large portion of that being women and children. Yet, despite the shift in the average woman’s body mass, fashion retailers continue to ignore full-figured women; only 10% of the industry is currently geared toward the plus-sized demographic.

Driven by strong and ongoing demand, Voluptuous hopes to branch out across Canada and North America and introduce online shopping to the world. The modern boutique-style stores are a fashion haven for shapely women and will carry the latest styles currently being showcased on the runways and in the fashion magazines. Capturing a niche market area, Voluptuous has emerged as the answer for statuesque women wanting to accentuate their curves and express their youthful, vivacious personalities. With clothes that take their cues from top designers such as DSQUARED, Marc Jacobs, Heatherette, Betsy Johnson and Kimora Lee Simmons but available at affordable prices. Voluptuous continues to revolutionize the plus-size fashion market.

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