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Lace Up Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit

$69.99 CAD

Lace Up Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit is perfect for summer days. This sexy yet modest full coverage bathing suit is perfect for long warm days. Stay fashionable and trendy in the perfect swimsuit that compliments all your curves. Spend time with friends and family and feel sexy yet comfortable. Own a designer inspired swimsuit for an affordable price for your next watery event. With its stunning laced detail trim, making this plus size swimsuit alluring and captivating.

Lace Up Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit features an amazing plunging neckline with a laced up detail, Perfect for enhancing or shaping your cleavage. Constructed with luxurious durable spandex with the perfect fit on any curvy body.  Full coverage on the back, complimenting your curvy silhouette. Available in Bold Black and Classic White

Suggested washing instruction includes hand washing, hand wringing access water and laying flat to try. Washing and drying machine usage is not recommended.

Material: Nylon, Spandex