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Puff Sleeve Slit Maxi Dress

$75.00 CAD

 Puff Sleeve Slit Maxi Dress is the perfect outfit for your next special occasion. Wear a fashionable, trendy and comfortable plus size dress that compliments your curvy body. Enjoy a fit and flare contemporary dress that's fashionable and stylish. Dress up in party clothes that fits and flatters your body. Great for vacations, casual events, workwear, daytime activities,pool parties, summer events or a night on the town with friends and families.

Material: Polyester

Color: Black

Suggested washing instruction includes hand washing and hangs to dry.

 Size Chart

  • Bust: 1XL: 110 cm, 2XL: 116 cm, 3XL: 122 cm, 4XL: 128 cm
  • Waist: 1XL: 96 cm, 2XL: 102 cm, 3XL: 108 cm, 4XL: 114 cm
  • Hip: 1XL: 116 cm, 2XL: 122 cm, 3XL: 128 cm, 4XL: 134 cmWomen's Clothingdre
  • Top Length:
  • Length: 1XL: 131 cm, 2XL: 133 cm, 3XL: 135 cm, 4XL: 137 cm
  • Sleeve Length: 1XL: 28 cm, 2XL: 28.6 cm, 3XL: 29.2 cm, 4XL: 29.8 cm
  • Thigh:

Cuff: 1XL: 36 cm, 2XL: 38 cm, 3XL: 40 cm, 4XL: 42 cm